Field Experiment 2017

Most important information about our field experiment in May 2017


May 2017 at the University of Düsseldorf, Germany.


We invited all computer science students of our university via mail to talk about the question: How can the studies of computer-science be improved and the problems caused by the large number of students be solved?

Key Facts?

Our key facts in short:
  • 318 visitor, 137 returned at least once
  • 47 registrations, 35 contributed at least once
  • 235 contributed arguments
  • 47 flagged statements
The discussion can be seen here and a translated, english version is available here.


We were primarily focused on two question:
  • Does the dialog-based approach works for untrained users in a real-world setting?
  • Does a decentralized moderation system work for a dialog-based argumentation system?


We had many findings from our field experiment. The overview results are summarized in this paper. Next to this, our colleague developed a tool to translate real world argumentation of D-BAS into abstract argumentation frameworks. This paper can be read here.
The resulting dump of our PostgreSQL database can be downloaded from our server (License CC BY-NC-SA). The archive contains three versions: the originaldataset of the discussion in German, a dataset which includes some corrections and a translated one. The translation into an abstract AF can be fetched, too.