Frequent Questions

Simple answers to your most common questions

How do we save_and_set_cookie your login data?

We are using the name information service of the University Düsseldorf. Your password is send from your computer, to our server (which is placed at the University) and then towards the service of the ZIM. Each transmission is secured and encrypted. Additionally we will never save, log or display your password anywhere!

What is the difference between interests and opinions?

If you select any answer in D-BAS, you will be interested in this statement/reaction/... but we will never think, that this is your personal opinion. Only if you mark an statement or argument as your opinion, we will know, that you have the same opinion like the given text.

Can I mark an statement or argument as my opinion?

Yes, you can! Please press the yellow star at the beginning of a green bubble to mark a statement or an argument as your opinon. For this you have to be logged in.

Is there any overview about all given arguments and statements?

Yes, we have a graphical representation. Simply open the little sidebar in the discussion window and click on 'graph view' .

What are these little icons next to the statements?

These little icons will appear on each set of statements in the answer field, if you are logged in.

  • : The pencil allows you to submit proposals for edits.
  • : With the help of the flag you can report statements, if there is something wrong.
  • : You made an statement on your own and not happy with it? Let's unsubscribe yourself as author.
  • : You are reading an statement, which should be supporting your conclusion, but it is nonsense? Let's attack this one!
  • : There is this specific website with facts about an statement? With the link-icon you can add references for a statement / argument.
What do I do if I found a bug or have other questions about D-BAS?

If you think you've found an issue or have any other questions not covered above, please email us at Please keep in mind that our current team is quite small and we'll do our very best to get back to you ASAP.