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Welcome to D-BAS - the Dialog-Based Argumentation System. It offers a clear discussion structure, a modern web interface, a decentralized moderation system and is easy to use for everyone!

We've got what you need: Structured Discussions!

With the rise of the Internet, we now have a basic infrastructure, which makes participation easier for everyone and independent of space and time. Online participation offers many possibilities for users as well as operators, has an impact on political and administrative decisions and has the potential to strengthen the acceptance and the quality of them. We offer a novel approach for large-scale online-discussion. Feel free to try it out now!


We are aware of the fact, that D-BAS is not suitable for every online discussion, of course! But we give our best to deliver a software which can support rational online argumentations! You should give D-BAS a try if:

  • your discussion is very controversy;
  • your participants are willing to debate;
  • some participants will come back;
  • you need to support the discussion
  • you want a structured result of given arguments.

That's interesting, isn't it?

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No complicated argumentation. Step-by-step dialogs.

Clear Structure

Argument-maps are to messy. Let's use a modern chat-interface.

Decentralized Mods

Give the power to the crowd. They know how to use it.

Proved Scientifically

D-BAS was developed at the university in cooperation with cities.

Tested by a Crowd

Scientifically evaluated and tested by students and citizens.

Ready to Ship

Easy to deploy and maintain, because it is shipped with Docker.

Up to Date

We update dependencies to keep things fresh.

Made with Love

Developed by scientists in Düsseldorf.

Free Download at Github!

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From the University into Practice

This work is part of the graduate school on Online-Participation . It is funded by the Ministry of Innovation, Science and Research in North Rhine-Westphalia .






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